Brandon's Story

Time Matters

No one knows for certain the impact they have on the lives of others.  In the best of circumstances, we sometimes glimpse a sliver of life where we see the difference we made. However, Brandon Rogers isn’t facing the best of circumstances. In fact, he is fighting for time in a life that is being challenged by glioblastoma, a brain tumor. Today, Brandon is fighting for moments with his family and friends.  His journey to this moment has been a story of overcoming challenges, of building a family, and of changing the world around him. It is only fitting that in his last fight, he continues to make an impact.


Brandon’s Story

If Brandon Rogers came to your door to pick up your daughter for a date in high school, you would have had some doubts. Sporting spiked hair and an attitude, Brandon wasn’t afraid to raise a little trouble and challenge authority.  Even with a tough veneer, Brandon had a loyal heart, a close circle of friends from his hometown of Marquette, Kansas, and intelligence. He didn’t spend a great deal of time on schoolwork, and his grades reflected that, but it was clear that Brandon had a future.  He met and dated a lovely girl named Nikie Hefner who clearly was college bound, so Brandon became college bound, too.  He graduated from Smoky Valley High School in 2002, and followed Nikie to Fort Hays State University. Great things didn’t just happen for Brandon, however. He had a challenging road of trying to make ends meet while working through college, sometimes sleeping on the floors of friends, and making a path in ITN, Internet, Telecommunications and Networking. He worked odd jobs, learned about recording, and eked semester after semester into the books. He graduated from FHSU, and married Nikie. He was on his way.


You Can Always Come Home

When a technology job opened at Smoky Valley High School, Brandon didn’t hesitate to make the jump. Being a hometown guy at heart, he wanted to be closer to both his family and Nikie’s family. It just made sense. Bringing back the spiked haired boy raised a few eyebrows, but that quickly faded. Clearly in place was a rock solid employee with a “can do” attitude. Brandon stepped into his role and quickly created a new family with his Smoky Valley staff.  He was patient and never made anyone feel inadequate about having questions. He brought new ideas to running a one-to-one laptop program and helped strengthen a progressive technology program through his varied experience and willingness to “roll up his sleeves” and build something new. He had a clear impact on USD 400’s technology programs, and people noticed.


Building a Reputation and a Family

School loans don’t pay themselves, so Brandon went to work. With Nikie working on her career as well, Brandon also took extra jobs. He built networks for businesses, repaired equipment and worked on houses. He added volunteering for the Lindsborg Fire Department and began a family of his own. Breckin Rogers was born and Jaxson Rogers soon joined the family. Meanwhile three homes were flipped and the Rogers family ended up on South Main just as it was meant to be. During the journey, Brandon became the technology-fix-it-go-to guy in the community. You don’t have to go far to find someone who will speak in glowing terms about Brandon Rogers and how he has helped them.  Brandon was near his family and his childhood friends, and he had a beautiful family of his own. Life was good and everything was in its place.


When Time Stood Still

And then in the early fall of 2015, Brandon developed a tremor in his hand. He was still working long hours both at school and personally, so even when he had the hand tremor checked, no one could believe that such a vital young man could be ill.  It was explained, and Brandon moved forward. Then on a Friday evening at home soon after, Brandon had a seizure. Tests determined the cause to be a tumor deeply embedded in his brain.  A risky surgery followed, and Brandon began another battle, this one for his life. It is this journey that brings us to this moment---Brandon’s moment. Brandon has spent most of his life being selfless:  serving others, helping friends and family, and making a difference through one generous act at a time. He really had no idea that this moment, this difficult moment, would define that personal impact clearly. 


Making That Impact Last

Nikie calls their story not just a cancer journey, but a love story as well. It is the story of a loving family made stronger by purpose, a loving work family brought together in gratitude, a loving firefighter family reminded that each member is valued, and a loving community that is united to give back to a family man who has had a tremendous impact.  The Rogers family wishes to establish a scholarship in Brandon’s name, one that will impact a student who, in turn, will touch a community like Brandon has. Help us help Brandon continue to impact his world. Your gift will make Brandon’s impact lasting. If you wish to contribute, please send donations To one of the following:

The Brandon Rogers Technology Scholarship

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Brandon Rogers Fund 

Bank of Tescott

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